The Goal

by Anita Jain


As an amateur, I would like to pen down my thoughts. It might sound a little funny as I have decided to write down my thoughts on a topic which is somewhat subjective. The title to this article “the Goal” is influenced no lesser by my experiences than a historic event which I witnessed: The Jain Diksha* Ceremony of 16 enlightened souls, at Mumbai on the 22nd of January 2018.

During my school days, much as my college days, I had an inclination towards philosophy and universal-laws. Even today my close friends and colleagues find me discussing Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, ‘The Power of Secret’ or ‘Murphy’s law’ or may be principle of ‘Karma’.

These discussions take place mostly at the breakfast table, in the  building-compound of my apartment or sometimes at Starbucks.

Few questions which all/many of us come across, especially on those days when we sit in the company of only our own selves, in isolation, in fact do tickle our minds. Also for few, the tickling, strangely, intensifies after a few shots of tequila, in the midst of coloured lights and loud energetic music with tequila shot glasses in our hands. The typical set of questions encountered consists of the following :

(1) Am I Happy? What makes me Happy?

(2) Do I have an aim or purpose in life?

(3) How to achieve my dreams/aspirations in life?

We all do find answers to those bizarre questions in one way or the other. The immediate answers to these questions are:

(1) To the first question our answer would be, a plain Yes. Definitely, I am happy, having great lifestyle, moderate amount of savings, great wardrobe, great travel stories etc. Doubtless, all these achievements call for appreciation. However, it shall not divert the subject of my question: whether all that amounts to happiness. You would definitely want to shout out loud and say “Yes, I am feeling Happy”.

The above answer to me is a misconception. I believe Happiness is not a mere emotion. You should not strive to feel Happy, but preferably create a state of mind where you are really happy. Happiness cannot be confined to the possession of a thing or happening of an incident or for that matter any achievement. It should rather be a state of mind. One has to create a pattern of life where happiness is a state of mind.

(2) The aim and purpose of life.

To this question, the answer is ‘Be Yourself’.

Don’t benchmark your aim and purpose of life against someone else’s life achievements or goals. They might have achieved greater and higher goals. Certainly, those can be an inspiration but not your ultimate goal. Once you start benchmarking your goals with someone else’s achievement, you have chosen to join a rat race. You will likely reach that spot soon, but you will continue to be in the never ending rat race to one mile post after another.

Therefore, don’t try to achieve the Infinite. Introspect upon what you really want in life; define your goals wisely. It will add to your happiness (state of mind). In life, there is nothing like a 10/10; so consider anything around 7 as a fairly good score.

(3) Turning dreams into realities.

The first step is to stop dreaming and start working. I would like to share the ‘Golden rules’, which I myself try to follow:

  • Prayer: Pray to the universe for all you have. It should be the first thing on your routine. Even if you are an atheist it will be just fine. After all it’s the Universe in your prayer and not any God incarnate which you choose to disbelieve.
  • Let go of all your thoughts which don’t contribute to your development – Be it mentally, emotionally or even academically.
  • Take small steps. One thing at a time. There is no shortcut to great things in life.
  • Be consistent.
  • Don’t hoard; believe in distribution and give back.


Happy to hear your thoughts/ views and opinions. Feel free to comment.

*Diksha is a ceremony in which one decides to renounce the world and dedicate his entire life to follow the doctrines of jainism and to follow the path shown by Lord Mahavir. It is a journey towards enlightenment. It is process to conquer our inner evils and to live a life full of compassion. It is a commencement of a Journey to attain salvation in the future lives!

The views shared here are personal and influenced by real life experiences and the author does not wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments in this regard.

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Anita is a lawyer by profession, a complete foodie and a free spirit. When not tied up with work, she is known to be exploring the mysteries of astrology (deep stuff) and generously sharing her wisdom with coworkers.