Kids, don’t run for the marathon…

… unless you’ve trained for it.

Or done it before.

Or you know, from your own past experience, exactly how much you can run/walk, even without training for it.

‘You’ll be fine! 21 kms is easy to complete.’ or ‘I did it last year with zero practice and I was still able to do it.’ or even ‘Who runs for Dream Run (6 kms)? Dream Run is a joke, you should go for the 21 kms Run.’

Don’t believe these things! Trust me. They could be true for those people but certainly not for everyone.

Instead of Wordly and Wise, I should be considered as Mouthy and Unwise.

My first ever marathon and I chose the 21 kms Half Marathon.

I ran/brisk-walked for 3 kilometers and then simply walked for another three. I think after the first three kms I had given up pretending that I was going to complete the marathon. At moments like this it is very encouraging to see other people arriving at the same conclusion as you did. I’ll have you know though, that among all the deserters, I was at the lead.

So that’s something.

What I thought this marathon was going to be like:

what i thought.jpg

What it turned out to be:

what happened.jpg

Notable things that happened while I was ‘running’:

  • At one point I thought I was doing a pretty good job, briskly walking at a steady pace when a fellow runner took one look at me and arrived at the conclusion that I was dehydrated and so he gallantly threw his own tetra pack of orange juice my way and yelled, ‘Drink this, Ma’am!’ before sprinting away. I responded to this by picking up the orange juice and sipping it contentedly while continuing my walk.

If you didn’t think I had suicidal tendencies (having chosen to run for the 21 kms marathon with zilch amount of practice), then this should do the trick. Accepting drinks from strange men on a dark, deserted road.

I’m kidding. I am not suicidal, don’t call the cops.

  • A group of fellow runners saw me walking dejectedly and decided to cheer me on. One of them even called out to me, asking me to join their group. And then another one, having correctly deduced from the utter lack of trying on my part, shouted out to the rest that I was probably a volunteer. And then they all waved at me merrily and bounded away. All this happened in less than twenty seconds and I couldn’t get a single word out.

Other than these, I was pretty much left to my own devices, if you discount the stares I got from all the actual volunteers.

If I’m being honest, I am not sad or upset that I couldn’t go beyond 6 kms. I am sad and upset that I completely disregarded my lack of experience in running/jogging/brisk walking and hell, who am I kidding, simply walking for any prolonged stretch of time. I let the opinions of other people lull me into thinking that I was capable of doing this.

Makes me wonder: what other things do I think I can do because *I’ve heard* they’re ‘easy’ and assumed I’m capable of?

On the other hand, what things do I think I cannot do because *I’ve heard* they’re tough and hence never attempted?

(Images: Pixabay)